Bee Venom
Manufactured by
Bee Venom Lab LLC

Bee Venom LAB (Best Bee Venom Powder Manufacturer) – Short History

The recent history of our company starts at the beginning of the 21st century, in 2002. That year our original parent company reorganized and divided. We continued operating as best bee venom powder manufacturer, with updated products and a new name, ‘Bee Venom Lab LLC‘. Our company now has 22 years of experience in harvesting quality bee venom powder, but we continually add new ideas, enthusiasm, energy, and equipment to our highly skilled group of specialists. And we remain committed to harvesting and producing the highest quality bee venom powder available today. Our ambition has always been to win a big part of the world market. Thus, we try to keep the price of our bee venom powder as low as possible to serve our customers all over the world.

Why choose us

  1. We have 22 years of experience of producing high-quality bee venom powder.
  2. We harvest bee venom from the race of Caucasian bees in an environment free from any pollution!
  3. We have many longstanding clients, as well as new clients, who continue to use our product because they are pleased with the quality of our bee venom. These include pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies all over the world, as well as apitherapy related companies, individual doctors, and also scientists who have used our bee venom in their experiments and research for the past 22 years!
  4. We provide third-party laboratory testing, a safety data sheet and some formulas for how to produce several bee venom products.
  5. And one of the most important reasons is our great low prices!!

Bee Venom Collector Device

These are bee venom harvesting devices, which were made by the best specialists in Georgia, and they are updated every 3-5 years.

Cooperation with the best Laboratory

Bee Venom LAB LLC has attracted highly qualified specialists. The laboratory has been equipped with innovative equipment and devices. Alongside our own activity, we also have close cooperation with the best laboratory in our country, Biotecs, where all samples of our bee venom powder are tested before exporting. It is necessary to perform third-party laboratory assessment, in order to test all our bee venom samples once again and ensure the best possible quality is being delivered.

Laboratory Stuff