Number One Manufacturer of The High Quality Bee Venom Powder
Bee Venom Lab LLC presents bee venom powder, one of the basic products
of beekeeping, widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, as well
as in apitherapy, produced from Georgian gray bees, in the territory of Georgia
Trust our experience and excellent product and gain success, time and money!

Science, Bee Venom & Bee Venom Powder

A lot of scientists around the world, working on Bee venom powder & solutions confirm its strong anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, anti-radiation and anti-inflammatory properties. There are a lot of published scientific reports proving that. Because of that it makes it absolutely impossible to import any disease. That may be truth for Royal jelly, maybe honey, or propolis or pollen but nor for bee venom. Bee venom disinfects everything at 3 meters radius!

Bee Venom is the only bee product, which has been removed by law from the veterinary certification list for 25 years already because of its properties and thus, the health certificated is not issued in many countries. And it is absolutely logical decision; besides, we have a unique method of harvesting bee venom at night only. It is time when bee’s stomach is empty and they never vomit when they have a mild electric shock while collecting venom. After bee venom is collected, we take it to laboratory for the further cleaning and processing. We are selling our bee venom in USA, in Canada, In Euro Union countries, in Latin America, in the many countries of Asia etc.

Bee Venom Certification Process:

Bee venom is collected at little amount of batches such as 30 grams, 50 grams, 60 grams or 80 grams. We process it carefully, clean, dry. After processing bee venom batches, we test each batch separately in the laboratory by HPLC. When all batches are tested, we incorporate all batches that have almost one and the same parameters of components in order to test it again as one whole batch. Test it again on its activity and issue one Certificate for the similar components batches, which finally come several kilograms. Then we are starting to do the same process with other batches having similar parameters.

Bee Venom Lab LLC Company Background:

We have 18 years of producing the highest quality Bee Venom Powder in Georgia. Our bees are raised in ZERO pollution enviroments to ensure the highest quality of Bee Venom Powder. The recent history of our company starts at the beginning of the 21st century, in 2002. That year our original parent company reorganized and divided. We continued operating, with updated products and a new name, ‘Bee Venom Lab LLC‘. Our company now has 18 years of experience in harvesting quality bee venom powder, but we continually add new ideas, enthusiasm, energy, and equipment to our highly skilled group of specialists. And we remain committed to harvesting and producing the highest quality bee venom powder available today. Our ambition has always been to win a big part of the world market. Thus, we try to keep the price of our bee venom powder as low as possible to serve our customers all over the world.

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